Cachewall is a feature-rich software package providing simple management of Varnish Cache, the open source high-performance HTTP accelerator developed by Poul-Henning Kamp, Varnish Software, and numerous open source contributors to their project.

We are using Cachewall on our servers making our server’s content delivery faster and load balanced. You can simply use Cachewall option on your cPanel dashboard to enable/disable and purge your website cached contents.

You can access Cachewall on cPanel’s Software Section.


Selecting Cachewall will take you to Cachewall management console where you can find your domains on a list with their current status.

Purge Cache

To Purge Cache, select Purge Cache and it will delete all cached content’s from server making your website contents fresh and ready to cache.

Development Mode

You can temporarily disable Cachewall to cache contents by enabling development. Simply select Enable Development Mode to enable development mode. You can disable development once your work is finished or it will automatically enable after certain period of time.

Deactivate Cachewall

To deactivate or disable Cachewall permanently for your website, toggle the green on button and it will deactivate Cachewall and button shown as red OFF.

We strongly recommend you to enable Cachewall on your cPanel account to greatly improve your website speed.