What is Free SSL ?

Free SSL Certificates on cPanel is secure and valid Secure Sockets¬† Layer Certificates provided by cPanel in version 60 or later. cPanel, world’s largest web hosting platform collaborated with Comodo, world’s largest SSL certificate authority and created AutoSSL. AutoSSL provides and manages SSL certificates signed by Comodo on cPanel server and is available on cPanel version 60 or later.

AutoSSL installed SSL are as secure as paid third party SSL certificates and are recognized by most of the browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Safari, Opera, Edge and many others.

Follow the instruction below to install AutoSSL SSL certificate on your cPane platform hosted websites for free.

  1. Login to your cPanel account and select SSL/TLS Status under Security option.

2. Select the domains to which you wish to install SSL from the list of domains and select Run AutoSSL. You can find the domain name in with invalid/self signed/expired SSL in red color and domain name with valid SSL certificate in green color. Here we are going to install SSL for demo.contentnepal.com and www.demo.contentnepal.com .

3 . After you press Run AutoSSL button, it will show AutoSSL is in Progress Status. It will take few minutes for AutoSSL to generate and install SSL on your domains. When AutoSSL process completes, you can find your domains with valid SSL in domain list in green color.

4. Now SSL for your domain is installed and you can change your website URLs to https to enable users to visit website in secure connection.